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Working with both the public and private sector, Giraffe Facilities Maintenance are a WA owned and operated business supporting the entire state through various support mechanisms.  From physical locations such as its regional offices and central Kewdale based facility through to its mobile workshop functions supporting remote WA Giraffe Facilities Maintenance work with all stakeholders to achieve peak property performance.


All carried out with three key concepts in mind.




 From our trades onsite through to our office staff our professionalism is held in high esteem.  While we remain true to the value of being approachable and ‘real’ we never allow our professionalism to be compromised which ensures that our clients projects are always managed in an ethical and professional manner.



Much like time every project must meet certain quality standards.  Giraffe Facilities Maintenance build client relationships based on reputation and word of mouth, it is for this reason and the satisfaction of our clients that quality must never be compromised.


 Every project is limited by time and measured by the ability to work within time.  Giraffe Facilities Maintenance recognises both the tangible and intangible cost of time and work closely with the client, trades and professionals associated with any one project to ensure time is always considered.


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 Most asset owners and maintenance personnel spend the majority of their time responding to calls to fix a problem. While a necessary part, and one that will never be eliminated, many problems can be prevented with the proper preventive maintenance.




 Preventive maintenance can be easily neglected, so it’s important to keep maintenance staff on their toes when it comes to scheduling preventive maintenance. Changing an air filter or inspecting a water heater on a regular basis keeps maintenance personnel on top of any smaller problems that can be taken care of before they become big problems.




This area is usually the cause of least concern for asset owners. They simply assign maintenance personnel a series of jobs that are to be undertaken at a scheduled time; typically daily, weekly, or monthly. These include items such as regular landscaping, cleaning, and vacuuming of common areas.




Deferred maintenance is often found in properties with little to no funds available for needed repairs. While deferred maintenance can provide asset owners with a little breathing room, it’s important that repairs be initiated in the near future, or the value of the property can be negatively impacted along with its performance for the occupier.





 Cosmetic maintenance is most often performed during the make-ready process. New carpeting, fresh paint, and new light fixtures are often part of the maintenance that will need to be performed between tenant rental periods.